Hello my lovelies and welcome to TheEmTribe,

For our first official post we will be telling you all you need to know about TheEmTribe.

To start off,

What is TheEmTribe?

An idea that popped in our heads at the bright hour of 7 am lol but before we tell you what it is, let us explain how it came to be.

We are both in the process of opening our own businesses which is a very grueling process if done correctly and sometimes (most times) a girl needs to draw some inspiration from others to keep pushing forward. The problem we found is that while there are PLENTY girl boss tribes out there, SOME of these profiles are all about earning millions of dollars and this having an excessively lavish lifestyles being promoted and hey, if that is your goals, awesome, the sky is your limit my lovelies however I just don’t feel it is relatable to everyone and seriously,

Where are all our beautiful SA girl bosses at?

So back to that 7 am long conversation – we decided we wanted to start a handle for SA girl bosses (although all are welcome). We want to create a network for these lovely ladies in an attempt to unite us, to share our stories (good, bad, happy, sad – ALL of it), to gain each other’s support, to network (who knows what opportunities may arise)

BUT we also want to help give back as much as we can, if we can get each other involved in not only building each other up but also in our own communities imagine the amazing things we can achieve and that is what TheEmTribe is all about and we want to share it all with each other not only on our social media but our website.

We want to make mention that this is not just a handle for woman who own their own businesses, this is for all our kick ass ladies whether you own your own business or you’re climbing the corporate ladder or simply living your best life the way you see fit…

We are all girl bosses in our own right and this handle is all about supporting and empowering current girl bosses and inspiring future girl bosses all while giving back and making a difference as much as we can.

Who are the founders?

We are best friends, fellow girl bosses and two girls who just want to make a positive difference in any way we can.

WE are Robyn and Janine aka Robz and Jay (Follow us on Instagram: @robzjd and @janinepapier) and we are so excited to share the journey with you.

Join the tribe my ladies, you are all invited.

PS: If you want to share your stories, to get involved or post anything related to the above mentioned feel free to DM us or email us on: theemtribe@gmail.com and let’s get talking.